Interview with Jean-Christophe Salaün (France), literary translator for Icelandic-French: He tells us about his craft, Icelandic literature and his life as an artist and translator

03 February 2022
"In the end it’s just love. You can’t explain love. You shouldn’t explain love." Truer words have rarely been spoken!

Short article in the magazine "schöne zeiten" (#52, November 2021) - fresh from the press!

02 December 2021
Long awaitet (by me at least :D): The article about the "Prince" in the "schöne zeiten" (beautiful times) magazine! It appears twice a year and brings nice articles about my home region of Upper Bavaria. Soon to be found as e-paper here:

Interview with journalist and crime novel author Barbara E. Euler: Barbara tells about her second crime novel „Raphael Reloaded“ (2021)

03 November 2021
What's happening with rough wheelchair hunter Raphael Rozenblad in the new crime novel "Raphael Reloaded" (2021)? What's with Barbara's characters that are always a bit "different"? "If you get hung up on that, you miss the whole person in their diversity", Barbara says. Find out more about this mindset in the interview.

Interview with Simon Williams, Dark Fantasy author (UK): Simon tells us about his particularly atmospheric, emotional style of fantasy

14 May 2021
„It’s all intuition and instinct and very little else“, says Dark Fantasy author Simon Williams about his writing approach. Find out more about his unique style of fantasy, as well as his latest release, the sci-fi / futuristic novelette „The Switch“.

Interview with Dr. Oliver Hawlitschek (Hamburg), biologist, specialist book author and reptile expert: He tells us of chameleons, and the Comoros, a fantastic place full of wonders

29 March 2021
"Sunbirds buzz from flower to flower like flying gemstones until night falls quickly and wolf snakes with huge cat's eyes emerge from their hideouts to sniff out chameleons sleeping in the branches of trees. I couldn't think of a more fantastical place than this!" Read more of the breathtaking world of the Comoros, as well as the smallest chameleon, directly from the expert …

Interview with LGBTQ and fantasy author Xenia Melzer about her new book "Arthropoda"

07 March 2021
I spoke with LGBTQ author Xenia Melzer (Germany and US) about writing, parenthood, and her brand new book "Arthropoda", released on March 2, 2021.

Interview with pictorial artist and writer Richard Ong (Toronto/Canada)

09 September 2020
I recently spoke with pictorial artist and writer Richard Ong (Toronto/Canada) about his approach(es) to art. He has fascinating insights to share with us.